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Tempering of glass is a process by which the impact strength of annealed glass is increased by 4 to 5 times. The process involves heating of the glass to near about melting point ( ie 650 degree Celcius) and subsequent quenching. The sudden temperature difference puts the glass into a state of compression with the centre core in tension. Tempered glass gains its added strength from these compressed surfaces.

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Beeta Industries is a manufacturing, importer marketing firm of quality furniture and is specialized in toughened glass furniture. Our main products are T V Stand, T V wall brackets, Tepoys ( coffe table), corner and wall side display units, Dinning table frames, Ironing board, cloth drying stand and various other utility furniture.

QTTO -101 (A)/(B)
SS -314 (A)
15X15-3+1 (Ht-27")
GT -162